About Us

Aks Foundation is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 (Central) and under the Maharashtra Public Trusts Act 1950. Aks Foundation is a Pune centric organization working in the area of gender based violence, primarily domestic violence and sexual assault. It provides support to victims of abuse and violence in order to empower them to become survivors.

 On 15 August 2013, Aks Foundation launched 24 hour crisis lines for victims of abuse and violence. We are proud to announce that in the first year of the launch itself Aks Foundation has provided meaningful assistance in over 80 cases of violence and abuse from all over the country.

Aks Foundation also conducts programs, talks and educational workshops to bring about greater awareness of the grave issues related to gender based discrimination and abuse and has been instrumental in raising a voice against the social evil of violence against women and children. 

Donations qualify for deduction U/S 80G(5) (vi) of IT Act1961:  Vide Commissioner of IT (Exemptions) Order No : PN/CIT(EXEMPT)/TECH/80G/01/2017-18/330 Dated 11/04/17.     

Our Philosphy

Aks Foundation endeavors to provide compassionate, comprehensive services to those impacted by gender based violence (domestic violence, sexual abuse and harassment) while partnering with the community to promote safety, awareness and prevention.

Aks philosophy is simple and can be explained in a 3 step process-

  • Aks wishes to spread awareness about gender based violence and assist in the prevention and intervention of cases related to gender based violence.
  • Aks hopes to provide comprehensive and compassionate support to anyone who has been a victim of gender based violence.
  • Thirdly, since no victim should ever feel alone in their fight against violence Aks crisis line services are 24/7. Aks volunteers accompany the victims where ever required and provide advocacy as far as possible. 

Our History

Aks started in 2008 as the brain child of Barkha Bajaj, a double Masters in Psychology who is passionate about making a change in India, a country considered the 2nd worst country for safety of its women. Aks Counseling and Training Agency was established in 2008 and initially commenced working with issues related to gender and gender based violence in a small way. The focus was to work with various sections of the community and spread awareness and provide counseling services for victims of abuse.

Aks Foundation started systematic training for volunteers in early 2014 and has seen its volunteer strength grow from 4 to 20. We continue to train volunteers and hope to have more than 2 staff members in the near future. 

Our Mission, Vision & Goal


To empower victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual abuse become survivors and lead a life of dignity.


A society based on gender equality where violence is not the norm and all people can lead a life free of abuse.


To set up a shelter for victims who do not have anywhere to go till they can be rehabilitated to join the mainstream and sustain themselves.

Our Objectives

Aks aims to bring about positive change in society through the triple As:

Awareness, Advocacy, and Action 


  • Conduct Gender Sensitization sessions in schools, colleges, IT Companies, Clubs and other forums.
  • Create awareness of the legal procedures involved and women’s rights in collusion with law colleges like ILS, DES Law College, and Symbiosis Law College.
  • Conduct Events like the Annual ‘Take Back the Night’, poetry slams and art exhibitions to create awareness and raise funds through the year. 


  • Through Street Plays, Workshops, Gram Panchayat Meetings at the village level.
  • Use social networking and other forms of media to promote the cause.
  • Make Public Service Announcements and develop videos for community education
  • Conduct Plays depicting plight of women for the general public at the urban level.
  • Collect information about institutions, NGOs and individuals who can help in such situations and create a data base.
  • Establish a network with the existing NGOs to create synergy so that NGOs can work in tandem. 


  • Organize workshops for members and other volunteers on how to handle cases of violence and the legal implications involved.
  • Set up more ‘Crisis Help Lines’ to direct the people who need help to those who can
  • provide help and provide crisis intervention. Eventually we need to expand to Mumbai and other cities in India.
  • Provide Counseling facility to the victims as well other other family members who witness instances of violence.
  • Work on a step-by-step plan for assisting victims to get their life back in order including Safety Planning.
  • Provide a temporary shelter to victims till they are physically, emotionally and financially capable of handling their own life (LONG TERM PLAN).
  • In the long run, making the shelter on a ‘Half Way Home’ model while offering sustainable living where women can be taught vocational skills and learn to be independent. Also, provide basic education to children of victims below five years of age  and network with Government schools and NGOs to get these children basic education
  • Act as an expert body on Sexual Harassment Committees on various Companies Internal Complaints Committees and spread awareness about sexual harassment policies, procedures and the law.