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Nikita Raje

Lead, Legal Line
Adv. Bhavana C Prithwani is a law graduate from DES Law College, Pune. Bhavana has completed her post graduate diplomas in the fields of Cyber Law, Corporate Law, Business Law and Intellectual Property Rights.
5 Years

Nikita Raje

Lead, Legal Line

Nikita is a lawyer passionate for both law and social work. She has finished her Master’s in Law and also holds a post graduate diploma in cyber laws and child rights.

She has volunteered with various non profit organizations throughout her college life and has individually sensitised children, parents and teachers on child sexual abuse. She also moderates two online support groups for child sexual abuse survivors and sexual assault survivors.

Nikita had volunteered with Aks in 2019 but seeing the rise in cases of domestic abuse due to the pandemic she returned to volunteer once again in 2021, before joining full time as the legal line lead. She is responsible for its smooth functioning besides training new interns and making follow up calls with victims and help them in their journey to become survivors. Whenever possible she also helps the survivors by representing them in court.

She is passionate about child rights and women empowerment. She firmly believes that law alone cannot carry out substantial changes, and needs extensive support of organizations such as Aks which works at grassroots level. In her spare time true to her bibliophilic nature one can find her engrossed in a book at a quaint cafe or pottering around her home garden.