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Why Volunteering for Aks Has Been a Life-Changing Experience

Aks has been nothing short of a transformative journey for me.

I’ve always found psychology to be an interesting subject, so naturally, I chose to study it at the postgrad level. But I was looking to do something more with my degree – something that really made an impact on society. I searched the internet for NGOs in the city and stumbled upon Aks Foundation. I was immediately drawn to their mission to empower survivors of domestic violence and educate the masses on gender sensitization. Soon after, I enrolled as a volunteer for Aks’ community education program.

The community education program involves going to schools in the city and starting a conversation with kids about safety, gender, etc. The volunteer training session, conducted by Barkha Bajaj, Executive Director at Aks, gave me some much-needed perspective on gender roles and inequality.

There are so many layers to the discussion on gender stereotypes that I wasn’t aware of: from the different ways they are embedded in our media and language to their connection to gender-based violence. I also learned valuable information about child safety, POCSO, and how consent works. As an introvert with limited exposure to public speaking, I was initially overwhelmed by the prospect of presenting to a classroom of kids. But with the patience and guidance of Payal, Priya, and all the other community education volunteers, I found the courage to conduct a training session on my own and even grew to enjoy it. This boost in confidence further motivated me to volunteer for Aks’ domestic violence helpline.

Aks has truly transformed me as a person. If it weren’t for the support of the wonderful mentors and inspirational volunteers, I wouldn’t have stepped out of my comfort zone. The lessons I’ve learned and the people I’ve met have empowered me to grow as an individual. I’ll forever be grateful for my time at Aks!